Creativity, Experience, and Legacy: Ryan Cox, Part-Owner of Gloucester Point RV Resort Reflects On Recent Purchase of Park

Crabbing on the Severn River? That sounds cool! And that’s what perked my interest in the opportunity to purchase The Gloucester Point Family Campground. I was immediately struck with the image of standing ankle-deep with my five-year-old son on the banks of the river with a sturdy string in one hand and with bait tied at the opposite end, a net and a little piece of heaven to drop a line into the water. Those are the types of memories I think we all are hoping to create with friends and family when seeking out a camping destination.

Driving in from Norfolk, I had fun twisting and turning across the many bridges while catching an early morning view of Hampton Coliseum shining on the water. I smiled thinking about the many legendary concerts that have taken place there and made a mental note to look for an opportunity to attend a concert there. Reaching Gloucester County on an overcast day in March, I was excited to drive through the tall cuts of trees. Every corner felt like a surprise and the long straight away to Gloucester Point Family Campground was no different, the start of my adventure. Past the dense trees the campground entrance appeared on my left and with a left turn and quick right, I was inside.

Exiting the car, I took a deep breath and smiled. The Park felt huge with so much room to roam and explore. I was greeted by Ken who welcomed me with a hearty hello and a welcomed invitation to explore the campground on his golf cart. I was impressed with Ken, Eileen, and their family’s level of care and attention put into the park. Creativity and guest experience was always top of mind. As we toured the park and made our first stop on the banks of the Severn River, I got out of the golf cart and stood in silence. Something’s are better left unsaid. I took a pause and reminded myself to breathe deep. Behind those deep breaths, I had a tremendous sense of gratitude for the opportunity to be standing in that very spot, for the opportunity to purchase the park, and for the opportunity to carry on the legacy that Ken and Eileen have created serving up memories for campers to carry for a lifetime.

After the tour, we headed to Yorktown for lunch by the water. I enjoyed Ken and Eileen’s story of moving from New Jersey to own and run a campground, the incredible history of Virginia and the role it’s played in our country’s history.

Long story short, there’s so much to love about the campground, the park’s natural beauty, the tremendous amenities offered by the park, and the location on the Severn River. I’m humbled to be given the opportunity and I look forward to smiling faces of family and friends for years to come.

Ryan Cox
Part-owner, Gloucester Point RV Resort